Thursday, 19 October 2017

Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli Review

I have been trying to find a good cereal vape pretty much since I first began vaping. I have tried quite a few but always find they taste too much like lemon.

Pebbled Cannoli is described as a cannoli pastry filled with cream and fruity pebbles cereal so I figured it was worth a shot. Maybe the pastry flavour would drown out the cereal and it would taste less like lemon.

I was recently diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and will have to watch my intake of carbs and limit my sugar for the rest of my life. Even more reason to find a sweet tasting cereal vape I can enjoy minus the sugar and carbs.

Pebbled Cannoli

This juice is easily my favorite cereal vape I have tried. There is not an overwhelming lemon flavor to it which I was happy about and the cream gives it a little extra sweetness.

I can't say I noticed much of a pastry taste at all which is a little disappointing but the fruity pebbles flavour is spot on. I'm not sure fruity pebbles and cream is something I would want to eat but they work so amazingly well together in this juice.

I have vaped nearly an entire 120ml bottle of this flavour in 5 days and I am not getting tired of it yet. It has obviously become an all day vape for me.

Pebbled Cannoli is a 70VG\30PG blend which has been producing a satisfying amount of vapor production and outstanding flavours other than the non-existent pastry taste. sells the big 120ml bottles of Holy Cannoli juices for $29.99CAD so I'm sure I will be trying the other flavours from this line very soon.

Overall I love this juice! I can't give it a 10/10 because I am unable to notice one of the main flavours in it but that might just be me. I will certainly be buying and enjoying this juice again.


Have you tried this juice before? Did you notice a pastry taste to it?

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Pacific Sangha by Met4 Review

A couple of weeks ago I tried and reviewed the chocolate milk flavoured juice Golden Ticket by Met4 and it instantly became one of my favorites. Naturally I had to try the strawberry milk Pacific Sangha and give it a quick review as well.

I do love chocolate milk but was never as big on the strawberry when I was growing up. I don't think I have ever purchased strawberry milk as an adult either but with how much I love Golden Ticket and several other juices from Saveurvape I was excited to try the other flavour from their Met4 line.

Pacific Sangha

I don't know how Saveurvape does it but they make juices that I am crazy about and do not get sick of. Even though strawberry milk is not something I consume or even like all that much this juice works for me.

Pacific Sangha is so rich and creamy it tastes more like a strawberry and cream juice than it does a milk. The sweetness level is perfect and it is such a smooth vape that I can and do vape it all day.

I prefer Golden Ticket over this juice but only by a small margin. If I was building my Mt. Rushmore of e juices both as of right now would be on it and in my top four.

Pacific Sangha is a 70VG/30PG blend which produces big clouds and great flavour. Both of the Met4 juices will gunk up your coils pretty quick but that isn't a big deal to me. The flavours of these juices are well worth it.

Saveurvape doesn't show my blog or Instagram any love at all but I will always give credit where credit is due. Their Met4 and SVRF lines are both incredible! I can't wait to see what they come out with next.


Did you like strawberry milk as a kid? Who makes your favorite juice?

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Grape Jam Monster Review

Jam Monster is one of the first lines of juice I ever really fell in love with. I went through a stage before I started writing this blog that I pretty much vaped nothing but the Blueberry and Strawberry.

Jam Monster is 50% Grape, Apple, Blueberry, or Strawberry jam depending on your flavour choice, 25% Toast, and 25% Butter. I will be reviewing the latest flavour to hit the vape shop shelves.


Grape seems to be a very difficult flavour to re-create into an e-juice. I have yet to find a really great grape flavour but I figured if anyone could pull it off it would be Jam Monster.

They did a great job and this juice is the best tasting grape flavour I have vaped but with that being said I still much prefer both the blueberry and strawberry flavours.

Grape juices to me have kind of a chemical taste that I don't enjoy, while the grape Jam Monster is closer to what a grape juice should taste like than anything else I have tried there is still something about it that doesn't really work for me.

Jam Monster is a great line of juices and even though this particular flavour is not my favorite I have heard several people say it is theirs. I will have no problem finishing my 100ml bottle of grape but it will not be an all day vape for me.

All Jam Monster juices are a 75VG/25PG blend that produces big clouds. They also smell very nice and fruity just like whichever flavour jam you choose.

The box no longer comes with the small bag of Cotton Bacon inside which is a little disappointing. Not a reason to avoid buying the juice but it did make spending $55 per bottle ever so slightly less painful.

I am sure most people will love at least one of Jam Monsters flavours, I happen to love two. But since I am only reviewing the grape today


Do you have a flavour of E Juice that just doesn't work for you? What is your favorite Jam Monster?

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Golden Ticket by Met4 Review

I am not a morning person at all! My new shift at work has me waking up at 3:30am and working 10 hour days. After picking up my daughter from daycare, getting her fed and bathed, making(or at least ordering) something for supper, and wandering around the house complaining to my wife how tired I am there hasn't been much free time to write my blog for the past few weeks.

As my insanely early wake up time becomes a routine for me I will try and find the time to review the stockpile of juices I have been accumulating as of late. The first juice from that stockpile I will be reviewing is Golden Ticket from the Met4 line by Saveur Vape out of California.

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a Chocolate Milk flavoured juice that I am absolutely in love with! I have never been a fan of anything chocolate when it comes to vape juice but being a bit of a chocolate milk fiend I thought I would give it a shot. Am I ever glad I did!

There is nothing fancy going on with this juice, if you are a chocolate milk fan like I am you should love this flavour. It tastes exactly like it should, smooth, rich, creamy and chocolaty.

Golden Ticket is a 70VG/30PG blend which produces big clouds and spot on flavour. I put this in my top 3 favorite juices and it will be one I will always have in my rotation. I vaped an entire bottle in a matter of a few days and I didn't even come close to being tired of it.


What time do you get up for work? Do you enjoy chocolate vapes?

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Smuthen Review

It's safe to say that fruit vapes are my thing. The majority of my favorite juices are fruity flavours and they are the flavour profile I vape most often. Since I have tried so many it takes a lot to blow me away when it comes to a fruit juice.

Smuthen is a line of juices made by Adrenochrome labs out of one of my favorite citys in Canada Victoria, British Columbia. I had been wanting to try this line for quite a while but none of the shops in Regina carry it. When we were in Edmonton a few weeks ago I stopped by Digital Imports and was able to finally get my hands on a couple of bottles.

I was instantly blown away by these two fruit smoothie flavours. The mixture of fruits and yogurts in this line are done perfectly and create a surprisingly refreshing summer time vape.


Original Smuthen is a mixture of Orange, Strawberry, and Banana flavours mixed with yogurt. Vaping this juice reminds me of a smoothie you would get from Orange Julius and it is outstanding.

I get mostly the Orange on the inhale and mostly the Banana on the exhale with this one and a light strawberry taste present in both. I had to be careful not to vape the entire bottle of the Original before I had a chance to write this review as it is very addictive.

All of the Smuthen juices are a Max VG blend that produce big clouds and amazing flavours. The smell of the Original is just like smelling a freshly peeled orange which is very pleasant.



Apps is an apple, peach, and pear smoothie that is just as good or better than the Original flavour. I get mostly the pear and apple on the inhale and a lot of peach on the exhale.

I can't really say which of these two juices I prefer as it just depends which one I am in the mood for. I love the peach exhale in Apps and the smell I find to be mostly peach as well.

Adrenochrome labs knocked it out of the park in my opinion with both of these flavours!


Do you enjoy fruit vapes? What is your favorite fruit?

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Battle of the vanilla cakes

I have always enjoyed vanilla flavoured things, I will take a vanilla milkshake over chocolate or strawberry every time. It's for that reason I was excited to try two vanilla cake juices and see which one I preferred.

Nilla Cake is made by Elysian Labs out of California and Angel is a collaboration of several juice makers out of Alberta Canada including T Daawg Labs.

Nilla Cake

Nilla Cake was recommended to me by Harley at Electric Fog in Regina as it was/is his all day vape. My initial impressions of it was that it is a nice and sweet piece of vanilla cake but that both the vanilla flavour and the cake flavour in the juice are very light. I enjoy the way this juice tastes but it needs a little more of everything.

The recoil RDA I have gives me incredible flavour from whatever liquid I put in it and this was no different. I enjoy this juice quite a bit I just wish the vanilla packed a little more punch and the cake was a little sweeter.

This is a 70VG/30PG blend and the cloud production you will get off of it is good. I know of a couple of people besides Harley that love this juice and you might too. I wouldn't say I loved it but I did like it a lot.



The first time I had heard of Angel was right after CVE in Toronto(I wasn't there sadly) after it won the best in show award. After trying Nilla Cake I wanted to see how Angel would compare and if it had the stronger flavour I was looking for.

Angel is actually described as an angel food cake topped with vanilla icing so the two juices are a little different from one another. That being said Angel tastes very similar to Nilla Cake if Nilla Cake was on steroids.

This juice tastes exactly like a piece of angel food cake with the much stronger vanilla icing taste I was hoping for. The cake flavour has the perfect amount of sweetness to it as well.

There is not a VG/PG ratio listed on the box or the bottle that I could see but I'm guessing it is a max VG juice. The vapor production is good and the taste is great. Angel would be my choice as an all day vape whenever I am in the mood for cake.


What is your all day vape? Have you been to a vape expo before?

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nola by Lane Cove Vapor Review

I have always been a big fan of desserts and one of my favorites is the Pavlova that my sister makes. Vicki was shown how to make it by her husband Will's mother as Will comes from a family with New Zealand roots.

I'm not sure if the Pavlova originates from Australia or New Zealand but who ever came up with the idea for this dessert thank you!

Ruby Roo is an extremely popular YouTube personality and vape reviewer, she is also the creator of the Australian inspired line of juices Lane Cove Vapor. My favorite from this line is Nola which if you have not guessed by now is a Pavlova flavour.

I first tried Nola when Mike from brought it in to his shop. I picked up a 30ml bottle and finished it in a day. I started ordering a couple of 100ml bottles at a time after that.


Nola is described as a Pavlova meringue topped with whipped cream, strawberries, kiwi, and passionfruit.

This juice starts out with the sweet and creamy meringue on the inhale and finishes with the fruity flavours on the exhale. The blend of fruits is done perfectly with in my opinion the kiwi being the strongest and most noticeable flavour.

Nola is a max VG blend which produces big clouds and still allows you to enjoy all the flavours present in this juice. This juice is a bit on the lighter side, I would even describe it as subtle which is not what I normally am in to but it works for me. The Pavlova is a light dessert and Lane Cove Vapor did a fantastic job of recreating that with Nola.

I also don't think they used much in terms of sweeteners because this juice is very easy on your coils. If you vape using a tank you can expect your coil heads to last for a very long time. Just a bit of an added bonus. Over all I love this juice and it is an all day vape for me. Great Job on this one  Ruby Roo!


Have you tried Pavlova? What desserts do you like?

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Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli Review

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